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Destiny Zimmerman
Voice & Piano Teacher
An accomplished vocalist and pianist from LCB she has brought a wonderful voice to Beam's Music. She previously taught younger students at the Cairn University Music Camp held by the Music Education Department. Read more in Destiny's bio on the teacher’s page.


Stephanie Lena Burkholder is our student of the month!  At age 12, she is a sensational pianist.  Her love of the piano originated in the 4th grade when she began her first lesson on Valentine’s Day.  Stephanie finds inspiration from artist, Jeremy Camp.  One of her favorite things to do is to listen to his music. 


Some of her other hobbies include, swimming, sewing, and cooking.  She also enjoys being outside. 


Currently, she is learning the song “O Susana” and was able to play “Got Lots of Rhythm” from memory at this year’s winter recital.  She likes that her Beam’s music instructor, Kate, takes the time to help her with new things.  Stephanie is the first person in her family to study here.


Along with gaining knowledge from her caring Beam’s instructor, Stephanie’s secret to her musical success is to practice every day for at least 30 minutes a day at home.

Get Lessons; Guitar, Bass, Piano, Ukulele, Violin, Drums, Sax, Flute, Trumpet, Singing, Banjo, & Mandolin. SIGNUPS NOW OPEN. Best slots go fast.

13 benefits of becoming a Beams School of Music student:


1. Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass, Voice, Violin, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele, Percussion and more lessons with LED Monitors for your favorite mobile device in each room in ONE location!

We are the only school in the Ephrata Area that offers all of these popular instruments: Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drum set, Voice, Singing, Violin, Mandolin, Banjo, Ukulele and Percussion in one location. We are also the only school in the Ephrata Area that has installed LED monitors and sound equipment in each teaching room so that you can bring your iPhone, iPad, or any mobile device to give you the BEST music lesson experience in Ephrata, Lititz, Denver area that no one else can offer.


2. The largest and most qualified teaching faculty in Ephrata.

We have 12music teachers, all with either college training or professional performance experience. Our music teachers are dedicated to learning about your personal musical goals and helping you to achieve them. With at least three music teachers for every instrument, we are confident that we have the right teacher to meet your music lesson needs. In addition to their teaching credentials, our teachers have warm personalities, are extremely friendly and dedicated to teaching you the style of music that you want to learn in your music lesson.


3. The widest range of music lesson times available 5 days a week!

We are the only music school in Ephrata Area that offers music lessons five days a week from early in the morning to late at night to accommodate your busy schedule.

Studio Hours Only:

10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Monday - Thursday.

10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Friday

11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

Closed on Sundays


4. A proven track record of excellence since 1938.

Visit our testimonial page to see what our students are saying. Every year, aspiring music teachers start their own studio, and a year or two later it’s closed. The Beams Music Studio has a proven track record of offering quality music lessons in Ephrata Area all year round. Our full time mission is teaching music lessons trusted by over 150,000 families, and four and five generations for over 77 years.


5. A comfortable parent's lounge for our clients.

With over 2,000 square feet facility we have the most spacious and parent friendly waiting area in Ephrata, Lititz, and Denver.

Instead of waiting in a music retail store showroom, our clients enjoy a spacious, professional parent's lounge with comfortable chairs, kids toys, Wi-Fi, magazines and bottled water service or coffee bar. We also provide large observation windows on every door so that you can watch your child's lesson while you wait. Or if you prefer you can sit in on their lesson anytime you like.


6. The largest and most technologically advanced music lesson rooms in Ephrata.

At the Beam's Music Studio our students get to enhance their lesson experience by taking lessons in our large and spacious music teaching rooms. At an average of 150 square feet per room, we have the largest teaching rooms in Ephrata, giving our students a premium lesson experience.

Technology is also a big part of Beams Music Studio and we have installed LED monitors in each classroom.  The monitors have cables that can attach to iPods, iPads, or laptops. This allows students to have a modern and engaging lesson using music teaching apps, music software, Skype, and more. Feel free to "Bring Your Own Device" to your lesson in addition to your instrument! No other schools in Ephrata offer this technology.

One of the things that has really set us apart is our focus on providing lessons that are fresh, new, and engaging.  There are so many great teaching apps out there now that we felt we had to update our teaching rooms with LED monitors.  By doing so, our students never run the risk of being bored by their lessons.  It's a challenge to engage children or adults, but by integrating technology such as teaching apps from the iTunes store, GarageBand, ProTools, you name it, we're providing a cutting edge lesson experience in Ephrata.

In addition to their size, our rooms are stocked with everything you need for music lessons, including amps, stereos, full drum kits with pads, keyboards, pianos and more. All you need to bring is your instrument. We have spent thousands of dollars on our studio to offer soundproofing and large observation windows.


7. Free music recitals in world class music facilities!

We are one of the only music school in Ephrata, Denver, and Lititz that offers free recitals with a upright grand piano in a first class professional recital hall.

Every parent just wants to know how their child is doing and if they are really progressing. The best way for a parent to understand if their investment in lessons is really worth it, is to have their child participate in a recital.

In June and December many of our students choose to perform in our biannual recitals. We hold these at prestigious auditoriums such as Lillys on Main 2nd Floor and Dove Church Cove Youth Hall as they have wonderful upright grand piano’s and world class acoustics.

For our students these recitals are free and unlike many schools in Ephrata Area we do not charge recital participation or admission fees.   


8. Professional office staff six days a week to serve you.

We are the only music school in Ephrata that offers full time, specially trained professional customer service staff for our music lesson students six days a week.

Many music studio desks are staffed by the teacher or more commonly an answering machine. We have two office team members who are available at the front desk to assist our clients quickly and professionally.


9. Picture Day

Every May and December we host a free picture day with professional photographer. This is a service that our student's parents love as they all want quality photos of their children (example seen right). Adults are welcome too! Students can bring their instruments to the photo shoot and wear whatever they like.           

10. Trophies, certificates and award wristbands to celebrate achievement.

We are the only music school in the Ephrata area that gives their students the opportunity to earn special color wristband bracelets (kids and teens love them!), trophies AND certificates for passing musical tests. Do other schools offer trophies and certificates? A few. But none of them inspire their students with smiling faces (see pictures to the right) by giving them full color, really cool Beams Music Dojo wristbands that they can show off to their friends.

More importantly when our students have a test coming up, they practice more, their parents are proud, their teachers are proud, and everybody wins. You can only get the Beams Music Dojo here. We also specialize in music lessons for adults.


11. Student Discount Cards.

We are the only music school in Ephrata, Denver, And Lititz that offers student discount cards for their students which saves them money all throughout the year.

Beam's Music Center also sells music books, instruments and accessories. All of our current students receive a student discount card that saves them money on all of their music supply needs. The student discount card can also be used at other local business on promotion day.


12. Early morning and lunch time lessons for homeschoolers, retirees, college students and working professionals.

Since we are the largest music school in Ephrata, Denver, and Lititz, we are able to be a 'full service' music school. This allows us to offer lessons as early as 10 a.m. and we see many students between the hours of 11 a.m.-2 p.m. If you are a homeschool parent, retiree, college student or working professional who has a flexible schedule, take advantage of our early morning and lunch time lesson spots.


 13. Located on scenic Rothsville Road just one mile from the K-Mart at the intersection of 272 and Rothsville Road, 3 miles from Ephrata, 3.5 miles from Lititz, and 7 miles from Denver.

Our school is centrally located and convenient to all areas of central Lancaster County. Close to our school you will find great shopping, dining and convenient access points to the school from route 272.  If you'd like to grab dinner before or after your lesson there are numerous restaurants (Olde Lincoln House, Gus's Keystone Family Restaurant, Tokyo Asian Cuisine, or Piero's Italian Restaurant and many more). Our location is also convenient to Fulton Bank, and K-Mart.  With a great parking lot that makes it very easy to get in and out. Our clients enjoy summer time sun with picnic tables, rocking chairs and a scenic setting. You can even take your lesson outside on a nice day. You can only experience this unique environment at Beams Music Studio.

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